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With a very simple twist on a popular traffic tool..  RSS Feeds

Custom RSS lets you create custom RSS feeds from any combination of custom links, posts, pages, categories, tags and even custom post types.

This isn’t just about making simple RSS feeds.  This is about harnessing the power of RSS to interlink your site network, manage ads, manage affiliate links and drive traffic to old content fast.

You can use affiliate links, links from other sites, links from your blog network, links from HTML sites… you can merge them all into one feed or create as many custom feeds as you want.

Got an old HTML site that’s never had an RSS feed and NEVER been submitted for RSS Syndication?

Just create a custom feed for it with a WP install.

Here’s an example RSS feed loaded on this page via Shortcode (note, I linked the links back to this page, but they are fully customizable as you’ll see in the screenshots below.

Here’s that same feed with “descriptions enabled”.

  • This is a sample post
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris malesuada lacus commodo metus mollis, eget facilisis augue luctus. Suspendisse egestas ipsum nec ornare imperdiet. Duis egestas fermentum commodo. Nunc ultrices ipsum egestas augue facilisis imperdiet. Praesent tristique lectus magna, in commodo tellus placerat at. Donec eu lacus purus. Pellentesque velit eros, suscipit ac urna vel, gravida pretium risus. Benefits of Custom RSS Hello world! Search Engine This is a sample post Vivamus suscipi...
  • Maybe this is an affiliate link
    Mix a random affiliate link into the feed.
  • 10 Of My Favorite Posts
    Use this description to create new seo friendly descriptions or keyword terms on all your pages instantly.
  • This is my favorite post ever!
    Here’s a fully customizable description of this post
  • Have you liked my facebook page yet?
    Why not throw a social call to action into your feeds?

You can add these custom RSS feeds via the WordPress RSS widget or via shortcode to any site in your blog network.   You can CHANGE them anytime and have them update on EVERY site automatically.


Our Feed creation system works exactly like the WordPress Menu system.



It really couldn’t be any easier

Benefits of Plugin


  • Interlink your sites with one feed (and change anytime with drag and drop menu)
  • Create Related Posts links using links from anywhere
  • Use for SEO (silo linking, improve spidering, increase time on site)
  • Create RSS Feeds of your best link bait posts and submit for syndication.
  • Refresh old content by adding custom news feeds to it.
  • Change link descriptions on the fly for better seo
  • Use our shortcode with ANY RSS Feed. (see my regular WP feed below)

customrss-descWordPress RSS feeds only show your most recent posts.  If your blog is years old, you can drive fresh traffic to it by making a “custom feed” of your very best posts and then submitting that feed to a feed syndication service.

Use the “Description” field to update rank for new keywords or change your call to action instantly.


  • Use One WP Install As an Affiliate Link Hub you can change anytime (instantly across your site network)
  • Sell “Related Links” ad spots in your feeds
  • Update promotions across your network instantly
  • Create custom feeds of all your best product reviews and syndicate
  • Test different link combinations to see what drives most clicks and sales

Example of regular feed from my blog displayed using our custom shortcode.

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